Waterbury Arts Magnet School Virtual Commencement

We want you to participate!

Every student will have the opportunity to submit their photo to be featured in the virtual ceremony on June 10th. Any photos that include any lewd or vulgar content will not be used.

Let’s keep the positive energy and excitement of graduation going!

What We Need.

We will need you to submit a vertical headshot of your choosing. These MUST be submitted by June 3, 2020 in order to be included. 


What kind of photo should I be submitting?

Your photo should be yearbook worthy, vertical and portrait style… so head and shoulders or to the waist at farthest. You can stand sit, whatever you like and should be dressed impress. 

Check out these samples! Your photo should feel as close to these as possible. Don’t have one? Take the opportunity to put on your favorite outfit and have a family member grab a phone and take one for you!

Make sure you are using the camera on the back of your phone and that the lens is wiped clean!

It is important you use this lens as it will produce a higher resolution image.
DO NOT use the “selfie” view. 

Make sure you are in a well-lit area. The outdoors are perfect! A shady, well-lit area with no direct light on your face or coming into the area is perfect.



Photo Submission Form