Meet the Powerstation Events Professionals

  • Al Vagnini
    Founder, President & CEO

  • Jim Manger
    V.P. of Operations

  • Marianne Muckle
    V.P. of Finance

  • Mandi Vagnini
    Sr. Director of Operations

  • Liz LaCava
    Sr. Director of Business Development

  • Tom King
    Corporate Event Manager

  • Brendon Woodward
    Corporate Event Sales & Technical Support Specialist

  • Rich Gumpert
    Sr. Director of Event Sales

  • Todd Armstrong
    Event Sales Manager

  • Kevin Williams
    Event Sales Specialist

  • Charlie Saccavino
    Event Sales Specialist

  • Jesse Chen
    Youth Event Sales Specialist

  • Helena Willis
    In-Bloom Floral Manager & Lead Designer

  • Sara Kekacs
    Senior Lead Designer

  • Omar Errechin-Rojas
    Lead Designer

  • Nicholle Paolino
    Design & Decor Manager

  • Ali Steiner
    Decor Specialist

  • Heather Colt Wirsing
    Creative Director &
    Senior Lead Photographer

  • Rachel Babon
    Social Media Manager &
    Photography Assistant

  • Bobby Kaplan
    Director of Video of Live/Sporting Events

  • Ken Moscaritolo
    Senior Video Editor

  • Grady Hearn
    Videography Manager & Editor

  • Mike Nagy
    Videographer & Editor

  • John Roper
    Director of Technical Operations & Audio Engineer

  • Chris Savard
    Lead Tech & Lighting Designer

  • Alex Vanni
    Elegant Events Salon Manager & Lead Makeup Artist

  • Ashley Shulick
    Elegant Events Salon Manager & Lead Stylist

  • Jennifer Forino
    Floral Specialist

  • Brian Bellemare
    Event Production Manager

Powerstation Events is committed to a fun and SAFE environment for you, your guests and all staff involved with your event. All of our in-person and virtual event services have been restructured to follow the necessary safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including safe social distancing and wearing masks. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 guidelines and mandates of the State of CT in regards to all events and we will continue to update our procedures to follow them. If you have any questions about these guidelines or our initiatives, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here for you!