Meet the Powerstation Events Professionals

  • Al Vagnini
    Founder, President & CEO

  • Jim Manger
    V.P. of Operations

  • Marianne Muckle
    V.P. of Finance

  • Mandi Vagnini
    Sr. Director of Operations

  • Liz LaCava
    Sr. Director of Business Development

  • Tom King
    Corporate Event Manager

  • Rich Gumpert
    Sr. Director of Event Sales

  • Todd Armstrong
    Event Sales Manager

  • Kevin Williams
    Event Sales Specialist

  • Charlie Saccavino
    Event Sales Specialist

  • Amanda “G” Ferreira
    Wedding Planner &
    Services Coordinator

  • Rebecca Krieger
    Office Manager &
    Services Coordinator

  • Brian Bellemare
    Event Production Manager

  • Sara Kekacs
    Director of Design, Decor & Floral

  • Helena Willis
    In-Bloom Floral Manager & Lead Designer

  • Jennifer Forino
    Floral Specialist

  • Meg DeFelice
    Floral Specialist

  • Nicky Paolino
    Decor Manager

  • Kelsey Christian
    Director of Photography & Lead Editor

  • Heather Colt Wirsing
    Creative Director &
    Senior Lead Photographer

  • Kyle Ortiz
    Creative Specialist

  • Bobby Kaplan
    Director of Video – Live/Sporting Events

  • Ken Moscaritolo
    Senior Video Editor

  • Grady Hearn
    Videography Manager and Editor

  • Mike Nagy

  • Alex Vanni
    Salon Services Manager & Lead Makeup Artist

  • Ashley Shulick
    Elegant Events Salon Manager & Lead Stylist

  • John Roper
    Director of Technical Operations

  • Steve Bennett
    Warehouse Supervisor

  • Mike Wirsing
    Technical Manager – Warehouse & Fleet

  • Chris Savard
    Lead Tech – Lighting Designer

  • David “Chile” Gonzalez
    Lead Tech – Audio Engineering