Wedding Lighting

Transform your surroundings & create an elegant atmosphere

From Subtle to Dynamic

Add an extra element of beauty and romance to your wedding

Transform your surroundings and create an atmosphere that’s beautiful and perfectly tuned to your style. We’ll work with you to create the atmosphere with colors, textures, shapes, and details.

  • Uplighting

    Dress up the room and create one-of-kind ambience with an elegant wash of your favorite colors using our state-of-the-art wireless up-lights.  The perfect finishing touch for any space!

  • Gobos

    Add your own custom signature to the decor with a beautiful, uniquely designed monogram, logo or artwork displayed on the floor, wall or ceiling with dazzling light!

  • Dance Floor Effects

    For those who want some extra excitement for the party portion of the reception, we have a wide variety of intelligent lighting effects for your dance floor.


Often overlooked, ambient light is a key element to dressing up any room. We’ll make sure the subtle lighting details are just right for your space… not too harsh, not too bright, not too dim. We can provide a full complement of dimmable or non-dimmable lighting to suit your needs.

The Difference

Our wedding professionals have the experience, expertise, and creativity to help you create a beautifully unique atmosphere with custom lighting accents. From wireless up-lighting and hanging lights to custom gobo light projections, we have the inventory and quality you’re looking for. There are many different options and styles to fit your dream wedding.

Custom Gobo Designs

Explore our custom design templates below, click to order and customize or upload your own artwork,
invitation or inspiration for a quote on your very own design!